It has really been 25 years...

During our twentieth anniversary year we undertook a new plan; we focused on our core competencies as a pathway to building launch systems. Happily we were correct.

In the intervening years we made significant advances in critical areas, began to build a larger team, with rather impressive credentials, and established our spin-off technologies as leading solutions to energy storage, on-demand power for wind energy, motorless motion, robotics, revolutionary power drives, solid-state quantum computing, powered networks, and breakthrough materials.

We are still an anachronism in space, commercial or otherwise. The first company based in sustainability dedicated to the aerospace sector 25 years ago and here we are today. The thought by our fans is that good can triumph. We always believed it would. When Aerospace Research Systems was founded in the fall of 1993 many of us were still at college and the idea that we could build space systems in a considered, effective and competent way by earning money to fund our work was a little strange even then. But the idea that we could create educational programs and spin-off companies to meet the needs of the 21st century in energy, communications, housing, and infrastructures security, was also far outside any box.

In 1996 ”Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist” was born and we created what is now referred to as STEM programs to educate not just our youth, but business and government on technological sustainability, corporate responsibility, climate change, and good practice in space engineering and development. Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist, Inc. became a separate company, dedicated to social responsibility, good practice and technology stewardship. For several years, Rocket Scientist was our sponsor for our Rocket Times STEM website and will continue as such even as Rocket Scientist builds new knowledge management systems for exploration technologies, training and legacy systems and for profit.;)

What we have learned is that middle age creates clarity and an understanding that we have been given unique opportunities and seemingly always at the right time. We owe our friends, supporters and clients so very much.

As we begin the next twenty-five years, we do so with the knowledge that we carry the hopes and dreams of many. The men and women who trained us, those who worked with us along the way and the new organization that we are building, will continue the legacy of corporate responsibility, good practice and the belief in building for the greater good, especially in space.

Dr. P. Rai Menges
Founder & CEO
Aerospace Research Systems, LLC.


Anniversary greetings and wishes

Congratulations on Aerospace Research Systems achieving its 25th anniversary. For those of us at Jemez Technology, it has been our pleasure to associate with the company and observe the amazing technologies you have developed for commercial space and ground based applications always looking at current technology versus what the future will need. The space plane concepts, smart skins and wind turbine technologies are only a few examples of  accomplishments the company can be proud of. NASA (Institute) recognition of the work already accomplished is a testimony to the leadership of the company and the significance of the technology and its potential contribution to the future of commercial space. As this world moves forward,  we look forward to your continuing effort as we know these advances in technology will make a difference in commercial space and the commercial power industry.
Mel Duran, Jemez Technologies, LLC Los Alamos, NM

Happy anniversary! Congratulations on 25 years. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Awatef Hamed, University of Cincinnati

Fantastic work! Congratulations, your hard work has paid off.
Mark Smith, Smith and Brandenburg

Fantastic work! Congratulations, you have done a brilliant job. Looking forward to the Mark 5 rollout next year! Todd D.

Congratulations! 25 years! Hope to see your new book. Give my best to Joe, Tom and Bill. You guys are the best.
Margaret L.

Great things are coming. Congrats on 25. Sorry I could not be there. Will see you in orbit!
Tak T.

All the best to the “New ARS”. Great to see the new team and the old folks as well. Piggy back payloads will be a real boost for us and you. Wish your dad could see this “P”. Mag’s says he knows everything.
Dr. EE.

Big congrats! Looking forward to the news for next spring. Wish I was there for the party.
My best, K.L.

All the best for the next 25! Congrats to you all! Ed M.

Congratulations! So pleased with your news. Kate A.

Big congratulations! Give my regards to Tom and Bill. Hope you have a great time. Wish Ken and I could be there. Looking forward to the video.
Chris J.

Thank you all.

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