Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI) is recognized for excellence in science and engineering and described by leaders in engineering as encompassing the best of frontier science and exploration engineering. ARSI's associates bring an out of the box perspective to creating solutions for some of the most difficult problems and challenges.

Our emphasis on scientific rigor and technical excellence has created a highly innovative organization developing sustainable technologies providing the greatest degree of cost effectiveness for a variety of applications and missions. Our multidisciplinary environment supports unique opportunities for leveraging technologies across disciplines and is the foundation from which we have developed revolutionary technologies

Spaceplane concept supports optical systems research and advanced simulation capability

The ARSI Ramstar Orbital Spaceplane is one of the most modeled and studied vehicles in commercial development. Data has been applied to a broad range of engineering, flight dynamics and space environments studies. The new flight simulator in development includes modular architectures to study ARSI's proprietary technologies.

Above: The Ramstar Orbital Spaceplane was derived from a hypersonic UAV designed to operate from aircraft carriers (Menges, 1995. Rendering my C. Moore).

The ARSI "Optron™" is a device that simulates an artificial neuron controlled optronic circuit cutting across digital technology, optical systems and neuroengineering. The breakthrough device creates a hardened component with the capabilities of a digital logic circuit and robust performance of an optical system. The ANM-based optical technology provides characteristics that are critical for space systems engineering and future reliability of space architectures. The radiation hard devices provide an architecture with an innovative approach to reliability and redundancy.

Advances in biomimetic functional structures, smart skins & membrane vehicles

The membrane MAV wing based on ARSI's Artificial Neural Membrane (ANM) and smart skins technology has revolutionized the integration of complex functional structures. The wing induces control surfaces through twisting and can support flapping flight. The technology is being applied to morphing vehicle concepts and changing the approach to vehicle dynamics ad control.

Similar ANM-Smart Skins technology is being used to monitor the health of structural components as well as improve thermal management. The work visualizing mechanisms to induce variable geometry and membrane control surfaces was funded by a 2005 NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Grant.
ARSI recently announced a breakthrough in the control of membrane structures with adaptive AI and neuromorphic systems. The new development will allow the open architecture environment promised by early research.

  From a new vision in space exploration to nano-worlds in materials devices, ARSI is creating technology for a new space age

ABove: ARSI developed a sustainable coating to dope existing ceramic and vitreous materials turning them into multifunctional structures for insulation, semiconductors for research and functioning sensory systems.

ARSI's materials engineering and R&D has produced innovative solutions for
high-temperature components, sensors, optical detectors, catalytic devices, and functional structures. ARSI has further created a materials database to support a variety of applications.

Advances in Materials Research Bridges the Arctic and Lunar Development

The ARSI Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory is partnering with Star Sailor Power, to develop its new Lunar and Arctic Technology Laboratory. The effort is focusing on infrastructures and operations technologies including advanced materials for construction with ANM applications. On another note Star Sailor Power is the first spin-off company of an ARSI spin-off company, Star Sailor Energy.

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