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Dr. P. A. Menges

Aerospace Research Systems CEO and founder, Dr. Menges is a
director of a network of small high-tech companies, researcher and author. A senior advisor and consultant to for-profit and non-profit organizations in areas of science and technology policy, materials, energy, space, and national security and infrastructures.
Dr. Menges has degrees in mathematics, biomathematics and a doctorate in aerospace engineering and high-energy physics. She completed her postdoctoral research at Los ALamos National Laboratory. She holds an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate and is an experienced flight test engineer. Dr. Menges is currently completing books on Space Systems and S&T policy.

Advisor for Air-Space Operations, Crew Development & Organizational Dynamics

Dr. Thomas M. Edwards

A graduate of MIT and the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Edwards is an associate professor at Northern Kentucky University in organizational dynamics and a former member of the US Army Special Forces. He has an airline transport license and consults to international air carriers and government agencies on air-space operations, air transport and special mission operations, crew training, aviation safety and security. He is an expert in all facets of flight operations and developer of crew resource compatibility management (CRCM).

Senior Engineering Advisor- Advisory Council Chair

Dr. Awatef Hamed

Dr. Awatef Hamed joins ARSI's leadership team. Dr. Hamed is the Brian Rowe Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati and the Director of the Ohio Center for Intelligent Propulsion and Advanced Life Management. Dr. Hamed brings nearly forty years of experience in education, engineering and technical leadership to the team. Dr. Hamed is also a fellow of AIAA and ASME.



Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI) is a privately owned, aerospace R&D company. Founded in 1993 as a collaborative network for independent investigators, the new organizational concept brought together a diverse, innovative and creative group to solve complex problems and develop sustainable technologies for Earth and space. The first virtual organization of its kind evolved into a highly competent research network recognized internationally for developing revolutionary technologies.

The scientists and engineers of ARSI have created advanced materials and systems including a new class of functional structures, non-photonic quantum computers, high-speed propulsion technologies, vertical axis wind turbines, virtual prototyping, spaceplane technology, remotely operated vehicles, and are beginning a new generation of cube sats.

ARSI has dedicated nearly two decades to creating technological infrastructures necessary for the development of sustainable commercial space. Our primary goal has been to engineer and build autonomous intelligent systems as the foundation to accessing and operating in space. Our on-going commitment to developing infrastructures for sustainable commercial space operations and continued investment in R&D ensures engineering of robust space systems to further human space exploration. It is this corporate culture that provides ARSI with unique knowledge and skill sets not found in most small companies.

Our emphasis on scientific rigor and technical excellence has created a highly innovative organization developing sustainable technologies providing the greatest degree of cost effectiveness for a variety of applications and missions.

Our multidisciplinary environment supports unique opportunities for leveraging technologies across disciplines and is the foundation from which we have developed revolutionary technologies.

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