Project Services

The advantages of a multidisciplinary environment

"Aggressive, success oriented performance with a shared belief in good practice, sustainability and principle based culture separates ARSy™ from other consulting and technical service firms."

The most challenging problems, the most innovative solutions requires a team that has the vision and experience to not just define the problem but to create sustainable solutions

Experienced support for product development, systems integration, testing and manufacturing. Engineers, scientists, fabricators and technical specialists offering support for a broad spectrum of projects from product prototyping to process development to large-scale project management services.

Specialty areas:


Prototyping and Integration

ARSy can support a variety of product development requirements including drafting, graphics, systems integration, materials and manufacturing as well as assistance in vendor selection and sourcing. From evaluation of fabrication processes and requirements to manufacturing analysis to improve operations and productivity. ARSy has experience across industries from aerospace to automotive and renewable energy to mobility, we can support new product development, increasing productivity and supporting management of existing manufacturing as well as transitioning to new processes and products.

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

ARSy offers subject matter experts in aerospace systems, energy, IT, materials, aircraft operations and manufacturing. Engineering analysis and revere se engineering may be supported on-site for clients as most supporting SME services.

Our associates provide a multidisciplinary team representing diversity in disciplines and experience rarely found outside of major laboratories or universities. Our associates offer unique solutions for the most challenging problems and most are recognized as subject matter experts (SME) in their fields.

The Experimental Shop: R&D, Prototyping and Short Run Manufacturing

Since the early days of the industrial revolution, the experimental shop has been the cornerstone of technical and experimental operations. Our core integration and fabrication teams have established ARSy as a leader in specialty and aerospace prototyping and R&D support.

- Tig and Mig welding processes for aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and mild and specialty steels
- Sheet metal fabrication (Aluminum, copper and stainless)
- Vitreous and enamel encapsulation for high-temperature sensors
- Fabrication with technical textiles & microwave permeable fabrics and films

- R&D
- Systems Integration
- Drafting & Prototyping

- Materials & Manufacturing
- Project Management
- Test Management

- Flight Dynamics
- Training & Simulation
- Media & Publishing

ARSy Associates

Our associates offer technical and scientific services supporting project and program management, product development, systems engineering, organizational development, training and communications, as well as hands-on prototyping, manufacturing and product integration. Our unique experience in collaborative research and teaming are available to assist in developing new ventures, technology assessment and recruitment.

Successful project services are a product of experience and training. There are no tricks from "management science" or cultural cliche's. Project services are the bread and butter of competent consulting groups and demonstrate the real competency that only dedication to good practice can provide.

Contract R&D and Project Management

ARSy offers dedicated, experienced scientists and engineers, project leaders, technicians and Subject matter Experts (SME) with hands-on skills and a broad multidisciplinary knowledge base for R&D project support to complete program management. For many firms, R&D is a daunting task that can strain resources and personnel. Our unique experience in working with a start-ups has created substantial expertise in the development of new technologies.

Unique experience in the start-up universe

Our more than two-decades of experience in all facets of aerospace and commercial R&D has build an organizational culture that rivals leading laboratories. Unique to ARSy is our practical business acumen that allows us to create a partnership with clients that recognizes their requirements and expectations.

Utilizing contact R&D with a dedicated R&D organization can create efficiencies and new opportunities for a variety of technological challenges. ARSy is experienced in most areas of engineering R&D as well as basic research with a solid foundation in product development and integration. We can assist in R&D within a client firm or within dedicated laboratories to ensure security and confidentiality.


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