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Spin-Off Companies

Star Sailor Energy, Inc.; is an early stage renewable energy firm with deployable rugged vertical axis wind turbines engineered for aerospace and military power, remote operations and UPS. Star Sailor’s T-Com ™ self-powered platforms have tremendous market potential in North America alone with dedicated and integrated units providing independent, reliable power commercial lighting, security, video surveillance, virtual fencing, transportation information, signage, DC networks, and mobile computing and communications. New projects include data center hybrid power and airport lighting. Star Sailor recently announced a new program to develop their patented power storage and on-demand power technology. Making Star Sailor Energy, the Power Behind the Technology ™ .

ARSI Verde, Inc.; an experienced sustainable product development, R&D and systems integrator with capabilities spanning aerospace, computing, energy, manufacturing, materials and transportation fields. ARSI Verde is the former ARSI Engineering company, re-branded as a dedicated sustainable systems organization. ARSI Verde recently announced the development of its in-house sustainable products line, ASTRA Verde ™ and Home Planet Solutions.

Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist, Inc., a media start-up employing ARSI’s neural technology in the development of exploration systems, knowledge management and information engineering. Specialized systems integrate cross-platform capabilities using biomimetic models to build 4D systems supporting frontier science and exploration engineering. Applications currently include mission planning, content management and delivery, and manufacturing. Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist® has been a part of ARSI since the beginning of our STEM program and research in telemedicine systems.


ARSI spin-off, brings renewable energy products to market

Star Sailor Energy's T-Com™ Commercial Wind Turbine entered manufacturing in January 2015. The reliable vertical wind turbines support commercial lighting, WiFi and security. Star Sailor Energy's R&D continues to support advances in wind turbine technology and their patented power storage systems.

ARSI and Star Sailor Energy are partnering to develop a new model for rural renewable energy systems supporting microgrid power and local DC systems. Above: Star Sailor Energy's new wind turbine concept, self-powered networks for power and communications changes the paradigm of current grid and infrastructure tied networks. Other applications include data centers and transportation hubs requiring reliable power.

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