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ARS' spin-off companies have been funded and successfully developed a broad range of innovative technologies dedicated to sustainable solutions in energy, communications, aerospace, electric vehicles, energy storage, automation, motorless motion, 4D systems, knowledge management, materials, intelligent systems, product development, and manufacturing.

The Star Sailor Group: The Power behind the technology™

For over ten years Star Sailor has dedicated efforts to securing energy infrastructures with innovation in rugged wind turbines, power storage and motorless motion creating the first 24/7 wind-based uninterruptible power systems (UPS).

Star Sailor Energy, Inc., is an innovative technology development and management firm. The first spin-off of ARS.Star Sailor Energy has products spanning motorless power, energy storage, the first performance adaptive vertical axis wind turbines, self-powered wireless networks and energy harvesting automation.

Star Sailor Power, the first spin-off of Star Sailor Energy and 2016 NewCo Company sponsoring the Audacity of Innovation program, developing patented non-electric energy storage, power drives and motionless motion systems for automation and robotics, small sat robotic arms, electric vehicles, wind turbine start-up and “power without wind” VAWT turbine systems. Star Sailor Power recently announced a the development their patented power storage and on-demand power technology to make wind energy a 24/7 resource and new applications to robotics, electric vehicles and space power.

Star Sailor Wind, LLC. the newest member of the Star Sailor Group has derived a new product from the Star Sailor Energy vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) that operated flawlessly in hurricane winds.

Star Sailor Wind, LLC. is manufacturing of the first high-lift vertical axis wind turbine (Hi-VAWT™). The new wind technology is designed to power secure networks, aerospace telemetry and broadband communications networks using adaptive network topologies creating the first integrated, self-powered adaptive networks, bringing space down to earth. Recognized for robust technology with the first wind turbine that operated flawlessly through a hurricane, the new Hi-VAWT™ are designed to power a broad range of high-tech systems coupled with Star Sailor's patented wind intelligence network is creating new opportunities in renewable energy and national security.


Frontier science and emerging technology, Sometimes it takes a rocket scientist has grown from the ARS’ STEM training partner to a leading knowledge management, training and systems group with what has been called the technology that comes after software; computing as we do not know it!

Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist, Inc., is utilizing ARS' neuromorphic systems in the development of exploration systems, knowledge management, information engineering and training systems. Integrated cross-platform capabilities to build 4D systems with applications for data analysis and collection, mission planning, R&D, TD&E, content management, and manufacturing.

ARSI Verde, Inc., ARS technical services spin-off, is an experienced sustainable product development, R&D and systems integration firm with capabilities spanning aerospace, security, computing, energy, manufacturing, materials and transportation. ARSI Verde has two in-house sustainable products lines, ASTRA Verde™ and Home Planet Solutions®. Home Planet Solutions® is developing a product line that is recognized for innovation in the application of natural products science in the development and integration of consumer, commercial and aerospace products.

The Projects

The Northfield Project

ARS' first proposed the Northfield Project™ the fall it was founded. Since then nearly 2000 individuals and businesses have signed the compaq. For nearly all 25 years we have partnered to create new concepts in social ecology, innovative communities, supporting the development and integration of sustainable solutions creating zero-energy and independent energy buildings and communities. Increasing energy security, reinforcing infrastructures and reducing carbon emissions.

Space Power Laboratory

The Space Power Laboratory™ (SPL) is a virtual organization created by a partnership of innovative entrepreneurs to advance space power through new leadership and new technologies.As part of our mission we have established a network of experienced educators dedicated to empowering the next generation of scientists and engineers. The expanded STEM thrust is supported by the original founders of the SPL, Aerospace Research Systems,. and Star Sailor Power, LLC. as well as a group of dedicated volunteers.

Audacity of Innovation and the New Innovationist Lab™

First presented as part of university courses, the New Innovationist Lab™ was presented as part of the Audacity of Innovation program during Star Sailor Power's NewCo Company event in 2016. It has now grown to a program for small businesses in increase the skills and build the relationships that foster innovation.

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