Aerospace Research Systems, Inc.: The art of innovation and exploration™

A passion for science

Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI) is a high-level aerospace systems firm recognized for world class R&D and developing revolutionary technologies in materials, aerospace, computing and a new class of functional structures. For over a decade ARSI has created new technology founded in rigorous science, proven methods, strategic processes and a system of collaborative operations.

At the heart of innovation

The convergence of intelligence, creativity and curiosity; ARSI’s talent for developing revolutionary technologies for sustainable solutions has garnered patents, awards and funding across disciplines
and applications.

ARSI's world class materials science is bridging new areas of research and application. Above: New
low-cost lightweight materials create anechoic structures that may be applied to interior spaces or
used at remote test sites. Below: ARSI's ANM concept drones glide over a Martian landscape. ANM Technology is also being applied to non-electrolytic energy storage and on-demand power devices.

Developing revolutionary technologies

ARSI's Artificial Neural Membrane (ANM) Technology is redefining smart structures, enabling the first self-organizing, programmable smart skin system. The ANM's intelligent "brane" offers an environment for the integration of micro- and nano-scale devices. ANM Technology has been described as important as semiconductors in the 1950's. Recognized by the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) as a new class of functional structures, with US and foreign patents and patents pending, it creates the first Internet of Everything Small (IoES)™ enabling networking of nano-scale and micro-scale devices in an adaptive, open architecture environment.

ARSI Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory, back from black

The Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory (AVSL) begins a new era with dedicated prototyping and new vehicle development facility. In the past the AVSL has contributed to aircraft design and construction, ROV integration, and RPV development. For more info visit the AVSL page.


From a new vision in space exploration to nano-worlds in materials devices, ARSI is creating technology for a new space age

The first modular horizontal take off and horizontal landing (HTHL) commercial orbital spaceplane concept. The concept is designed to operate from almost any runway, almost anywhere in the world. The unique, robust airframe model incorporates ARSI's proprietary dynamic adaptive structures to fly at the edge of space across oceans or to orbits above the debris fields. The Ramstar Model is being used to simulate spaceplane systems for a broad range of missions. Advanced technology demonstrator: Ramstar Orbital Spaceplane Engineering and Virtual Reality Simulator - the first optronics based Synthetic Space Laboratory™

Above: ARSI's experience in engineering materials for high-temperature components, sensors, catalytic devices, and functional structures has created a materials database to support a variety of exploration technologies. Left: The ARSI ANM Martian MAV was proposed as a deployable network for remote sensing, communications, weather forecasting and navigation. These membrane vehicles can be deployed from orbital platforms and planetary surfaces to create mobile sensor and communications networks in space and planetary atmospheres. After days of flight drop to the surface to continue functioning as sensor and communications networks.

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