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ARSI & start-up Vega Mobility design sustainable spaceports & vertiports

The answer to our "Stealth Program" is the ten year effort to implement our AI technology and clean energy products in 21st century air-space mobility systems with intelligent "aerospaceports" at the nexus of our efforts.

The Dawn of the Aerospaceport™: The Union of Terrestrial, Air and Space Operations

The new spaceport concept integrates multimodal mobility with sustainable modular construction pioneered by ARSI spin-off Star Sailor. The self-powered terminal offers a green data center, multiple mission control rooms, central operations center and hanger space. Payload processing and fueling depots are adjacent to a rail siding. The renewably powered "aerospaceport" integrates a vertiport and general aviation runway.

Vega is a national distributor for Star Sailor renewable energy products.

Below: The first renewably powered spaceport designed to integrate multimodal mobility.

Image by P. Michal.


ARSI transiting to new business model & ops

From hypersonic propulsion to autonomous intelligent systems (AIS), ARSI has been at the forefront of aerospace R&D and systems engineering.

Our transition to contract services and manufacturing is the product of nearly 25 years of organizational excellence and experience.

The new model allows for a more conventional business model and will support the continued prototyping and specialty manufacturing services with an experienced technical support team. As well as continue manufacturing leadership that has been in place for over a decade.

The transition allows ARSI to expand manufacturing capabilities and return to flight operations in the next year.

Partners in Data: Commercializing New Media

Ideation and innovation services will continue with the addition of Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist, Inc. a data science group that has supported ARSI's research in knowledge management and advanced visualization.

Home Planet Solutions®

Ideation and innovation services converge at the Home Planet conference planned for the Spring of 2025. The conference will focus on the future of technology and the economics of technological competition. More information to come.


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