From telemedicine to hypersonic propulsion to autonomous intelligent systems (AIS), ARSI has been at the forefront of systems engineering.

Where is the responsible AI?

ARSi is a pioneer in machine learning and theoretical neuroscience and one of founding entities in intelligent mechatronics. Today, ARSi technology is building secure interfaces for AI applications across platforms.

Defining AI before it defines you

At the forefront of responsible AI is a new approach accessing and interfacing with AI products and services. ARSi has developed systems based assessment technology to increase the "efficacy" of AI defined solutions reducing misleading information and hazards.


Engineering Phenomenology - Security & Safety in AIS
Defining operating environments & systems

The new age of Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS) establishes new priorities in security and safety. Automated platforms and vehicles must successfully integrate more than just software and sensors, critical vehicle controls and propulsion systems are at the focus of new methods in systems engineering implementing AI-agents . An area at the basis of ARSI's technologies.

ARSI's machine learning group has been recognized for creating new technology that directly interfaces with operating systems, in the real world.
Establishing new approaches to sensor integration and controls.

Advancing the field of Intelligent Mechatronics and building platforms for electric vehicles and energy harvesting devices removing intermittency in renewable energy, establishing new approaches to robotics and integrating the future of resilient data.

A Revolutionary approach to explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) and systems safety

XAI is a growing area of AI that is dedicated to responsible use and application of AI systems and products.

ARSi is a founding organization in the application of AI to the operation and control of complex vehicles and systems. Today our newest products is building on establishing secure process development for business and industry.

Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) conceptualized to operate in the Martian atmosphere was one of the first flying applications of the ARSi ANM Controlled technologies. The membrane vehicle was prototyped and the technology was adopted and patented for energy harvesting storage and what are now refereed to as "Impossible Machines." The ANM technology was recognized as a revolutionary technology by the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts.


Telemedicine from a new perspective

ARSI developed one of the first telemedicine systems for commercial astronauts and remote planetary operations.
The Astra Med Remote Health Management and Diagnostic Simulator project, implemented one of the first expert systems with an AI-agent.

The laptop-based technology allowed for interconnectivity of diagnostic tools such as hand held ultrasound and digital thermometers. The non-invasive biosensor (above right) was prototyped implementing mechatronic technology developed by ARSI's Dr. Pamela Menges and was recognized by the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts.

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