Consulting Chief Test Pilot: Dr. James Casler (USN TPS Graduate)

Dr. Casler's extensive career training test pilots is supported by over a decade of research in space systems. As the former Space Studies Department Chair at University of North Dakota, he served as Director North Dakota Space Grant and EPSCoR programs. Dr. Casler completed his doctorate in human performance in space-based manufacturing and mining as well as operations on the Moon and Mars
. Dr. Casler was capture lead and account manager for space sector business for Wyle at Lexington Park. His expertise in flight testing and vertical flight systems is recognized internationally.

Director of Operations & Training: Dr. Thomas Edwards (ATP)

Dr. Edwards has more than thirty years experience in training pilots and crews and research in new areas of crew resource management and aerospace safety. He has been instrumental in airspace design for improved safety and works with airlines to improve crew performance
. Dr. Edwards has been a liaison to the FAA for airspace design and management. He is a consultant to multiple airlines focusing on crew training and safety. He began his career in the US Army Special Forces.

Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory & Engineering Director:
Dr. Pamela Menges

Dr. Menges, ARSI founder, is an engineering physicist, mathematician and theoretical neuroscientist. She has led more than a dozen vehicle engineering programs and offers more than twenty years of experience as a senior systems engineer and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in AI, advanced materials for propulsion and mechatronics, hypersonics and space technology. As a Flight Test Engineer, she has crewed aircraft as both a test director and engineering pilot as well as leading engineering programs for satellite, missile, hypersonic UAVs and reusable launch vehicles (HTHL). She is a NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts Fellow and has ten issued patents.

Fabrication Supervisor & Lead Technicians

Joe Richardson - Fabrication Supervisor & Welding SME

Fran Bostwick - Machinist, Designer and Remote Pilot SME

Adam Kneipp - Designer, CAD & Modeling SME

Kay Williams - Soft Materials Fabricator, Creative Consultant

Consultants & Advisors

Dr. Belinda Wong-Swanson

Dr. Tony Grundler


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Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory (AVSL)

Founded in 2001 has build and flight tested research
aircraft, UAVs and ROVs.


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